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Approaching Women: How Men Creep Women Out

Approaching women is one of the biggest challenges men face when dating and while some men often THINK they’ve got the smoothest moves, there are some styles of approach that simply creep women OUT!

Here are just a few bad dating approaches:

1 – Pulling up to a woman on the dance floor and grinding her from behind

This screams CREEP. If a woman is dancing with her friends, she may JUST want to dance with her friends. Even if a woman IS dancing provocatively, it’s not an open invitation to pull up to her with a stealth move and start feeling her up. It’s her body, not yours and not to mention…you don’t know this woman!

Oh and while there may be 8 women pinned up against the wall, it doesn’t mean every woman in the joint is open to physical molestation.

Better approach: Just ask her to dance (like a gentleman) and… keep your hands OFF her body.

2 – Showing up out of nowhere and tapping her on the shoulder (eww)

You can’t just walk up to a woman when she’s with her friends and SCARE her. This is a classic mistake men seem to make ALL the time. It’s weird and suggests you have no social skills.

Better approach: Give her some warning and approach her from an angle where she can actually SEE you (like the front or side of her).

3 – Asking her a question about SOMETHING  

For example: ‘Hey do you know where this PLACE is located? Do you know where I can find THAT? Do you know what THIS is? ’ While you may think this is soo smooth and we’re NOT aware of what you’re doing… we’re onto you. What’s even more awkward (and completely unbearable) is waiting for the follow up question…because we KNOW there’s a follow up question.

Better approach: Just man up! Ask her about …HER: ‘Do you work here? What’s your name?’  This way it’s less awkward for her and you don’t have to worry about segueing into a pick up line that simply WON’T work (not now anyway).

4 – Catcalling, Touching, Grabbing 

This is THE creepiest by far. While this approach often works for picking up street girls, this is NOT landing you a classy woman. Period. Classy women don’t respond to catcalls and they certainly do NOT want to be touched by strangers.

Better approach: Introduce yourself. And if that fails… keep walking.

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