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Switch up the Look!

When it comes to love and dating it’s often hard to keep people around long enough to know their last name. It’s frustrating, disappointing and not to mention….confusing! Here’s a quick, yet simple, tip that keeps the opposite sex hanging around longer and actually engaged:


It’s a pretty simple concept. See, there are SO many men and women out there that it’s easy for us to get bored. We SEE different things. We LIKE different things (Face it, we like variety).

But instead of worrying about your love interest seeking that something ‘different’ in someone else…why not provide that variety yourself? Make yourself an all-in-one bundle package so to speak. It can curb boredom (yours and theirs) and attract potential suitors!

Remember, you never know WHO is watching ;)

So how do you go about doing this you ask?

Let’s start with the hair: Start by doing your hair differently. Pick Tuesdays and Fridays, for example… If you normally wear your hair down, pick it up. If you normally wear it back, comb it forward! Go from straight to curly or curly to straight. Also consider switching hair cuts and hair styles throughout the year. Add color, change the length, change the style. It makes you feel like a different person and makes others more intrigued (everyone wants to see what you’ll do next). They’re paying attention and that’s the goal!

Now onto the clothes: Mix it up! There are so many different styles of clothing and fashion out there that there’s really no excuse to stick to one. While I’m a firm believer that you should try to look your best most of the times, I also believe in doing the opposite every now and then. You need to shock the brain and eyes periodically. Throw on sweats and sneakers if that’s not what you normally wear. Ladies, throw on a miniskirt. Guys, throw on a button down.

Check out the response you get from the opposite sex and pay attention to how YOU feel. Try this, and come back to let us know how this worked for you…

Happy dating!

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