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Top 10 Best Online Dating Tips for Success

In the last few months, we’ve researched tons of online dating success stories from several online dating sites. We wanted to find out what led to such great success. What did these people all have in common? What did they do that helped them find love online? (and in many cases, so quickly!) We wanted to see what worked for them and how we could help you do the same.

Here are the 10 best online dating tips that will help make you more successful in online dating:

1. Establish Your Online Dating Goal – in Advance

What is it that you’re looking to accomplish with online dating? Are you looking to settle down for the long term or are you simply looking to have a good time? Are you committed…to doing whatever it takes? Even if it means taking advice from others. Even if it means doing things you ordinarily wouldn’t do or if it means getting out of your comfort zone?

You need a plan. If you jump in blindly without a plan, you’ll hesitate to make moves and take action when necessary. You also want to think this thru so that you don’t end up on the wrong dating sites and simply waste your time. Or worse… never meet anyone!

2. Take 3 Dating Sites for a Trial Run

Although some sites have more online dating success stories than other sites, no one can really tell you which site will get you lucky…you need to see for yourself!

The smartest thing to do is to take a few for a trial run first. Keep it to 3 sites at a time. More than that can get confusing and overwhelming and less than that doesn’t really give you options or points of comparison.

  • Looking for love and long-term commitment? – You’ll want to stick with a dating site with a powerful matchmaking system. One that will find a compatible partner for you like eharmony or a dating site with a large singles network like Match.comJust about all singles sign up to Match because of the volume of people – and you also get access to the network which is a plus.
  • Looking for Casual dating? - You might want to check out 
  • If you’re adamant about finding someone of your same ethnicity or religion, you’ll have a better chance of finding someone you’re more compatible with and that understands your lifestyle on a niche dating site. For example, if you’re looking for someone with Christian views, you’re more likely to find someone you’re compatible with on a Christian dating site. If you’re a single parent, you’ll have a better chance of finding someone you’re compatible with on a Single Parent Dating Site with other single parents.

Find out for yourself which sites you like better. Just about every dating site is free to browse, so you’re not really committing to anything. Keep in mind that the more sites you’re on the more matches you get and the more likely you are to find your TRUE match.

3. Dedicate time to writing your Online Dating Profile

Your online dating profile gives potential suitors a clear picture of who you are. It’s the only piece of information they have about you. With this document, you control whether they engage and make contact with you or if they simply keep clicking to view the next profile.

You want to make sure you take this seriously and you don’t rush it. People often take this lightly and are then disappointed when their profile doesn’t get much views.

Read more online dating profile tips

4. Stay Active on the Dating Sites

If you’re going to go thru the trouble of signing up, commit yourself. Answer emails. Respond to winks (if you’re interested of course).  Keep in mind, not interacting with people may turn people off – it will cause them to lose interest and move on to someone else. Plus, the more active you are, the more likely you are to take advantage of opportunities lost by LESS active members.

You want to make sure you make time for your love life. Get on at least once daily. Use the mobile application of the dating site to contact members when you’re on your lunch break or you’re waiting for your friend.

Like everything else in life, it’s all about what you put into it.

5. Establish a time frame to find love– and stick to it

Fill in the blanks: I would like to meet someone by ______? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Your cousin’s wedding? If you set a time for yourself, you are more likely to stay committed to your goal. And the more committed you are, the more likely you are to be actively engaged on the site regularly, and the sooner you are to find your perfect match. I’m not saying to rush yourself or put any unnecessary pressure, but if you have a date to aim for, well, it gives you a reason to work a little harder (and finding the one requires some work).

6. Be smart: Follow Online Dating Safety precautions

You want to follow the routine online dating safety tips such as: don’t give out your personal information, bank account, credit card numbers, personal addresses. Here are some other great online dating tips 

But at the same time…

7. Don’t be paranoid

If Halle Berry can do it, you can do it

Yes, you should follow the rules, but there’s no need to get too crazy with the worrying. Think about it, if you’re comfortable with sharing pics and all your personal information with your elementary school strangers on Facebook (if you haven’t seen them or spoken to them in over 15 years, they are strangers), there’s really no difference with online dating.

As I mentioned before, just be smart ;)

8. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Advice

Sure we all want to believe we know it all and that we don’t need help, but face it, we don’t know everything in all areas. Dating isn’t the easiest of subject matters and we could all use a little help every now then. If the going gets tough and you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, ask someone. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll actually learn.

9. Don’t give up 

You may get frustrated at times and you may not find what you’re looking for right away. But the worst thing you can do is GIVE UP. Quitting is not the answer. It’ll only set you back from achieving your goal. Hey, if someone doesn’t like you or doesn’t respond, or isn’t interested, it just wasn’t meant to be..

Keep tweaking your profile and your approach and eventually, you’ll get lucky. I promise.

10. And most importantly…

Have fun with it! If you make it a dreadful process, it will be exactly that…dreadful. This should be fun. Knowing your special someone could be waiting for you on the other end of your machine is exciting.. and we’re excited for you!

Happy online dating ;)

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